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Tyga Likes “Children,” in Case You’re Wondering


Source: Tyga

Tyga waited until his teenage girlfriend Kylie Jenner turned 18, to put her in his video for “Stimulated.” The song says “she a big girl, dawg.”

If that’s not bad enough, the beat contains a sample from a 1995 song named….wait for it…. “Children.” Is Tyga really R. Kelly reincarnated? If so, he could’ve actually gone to jail. His music isn’t good enough for anyone to overlook his offenses.


Adrian Peterson Needs Some Condoms

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

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Adrian Peterson’s wife is pregnant with his 8th child. But that’s not the news. Apparently a massage therapist is suing for child support for the alleged 9th child. She wants $1.9 million for 18 years, including private school and mental health. So you only want support for 18 years? The little baby can’t go to college?? Shame on you, alleged baby mama #9.


Remember Trick Daddy? His Baby Mamas Do…

Dwayne Wade?s Young, Fly and Flashy Skating Party

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Haven’t heard from Trick Daddy in a LONG time, and apparently neither have his baby mamas. He just filed bankruptcy because, amongst other things, he owes more than $56,000 to his two baby mamas! He says he only has $550 in clothes and jewelry, though. Well he could have $50,000 in clothes and jewels, if only he spent $12 on a box of condoms.