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I think it’s safe to say Detroit is a little dangerous, right? And while people get robbed everywhere, this has to be one of the most extreme cases of robbery in the history of felonies. So a 59-year-old man is walking the streets of Detroit, minding his business….when someone robbed him! But this wasn’t your average thief. The only thing he took…was a bag of chips from the man! So naturally the man yelled “Yo, man, give me back my chips,” and that’s when it all went left. The thief then pulled out a gun and shot the man in the groin! Yes, this 59-year-old man is lying in the hospital (he’s in stable condition)…because he didn’t wanna give up his bag of potato chips. For all of that trouble, they better had been Doritos.


What’s the pettiest thing someone ever tried to steal from you?