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Source: grady county jail / grady county jail

Now we’ve all been mad enough at our significant other to wanna put hands on them. Hopefully you don’t do it, because that’s unacceptable, but this woman found a way to injure her husband without even using her hands! Now when I first read this, I thought she was trying to get him in the mood. The story says Merci Keene took her man down to the ground and took his pants off….but then it goes left. After she got her husband’s pants off, she tried to bite off his penis! So Merci was mad because her husband Jesse was going to take their baby and leave her, so she decided the best way to make him stay was to try and bit off his man meat?? No wonder he was trying to leave; nobody ever told her not to use your teeth??


How do you tell your bae they’re just not good at oral sex?