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It’s September and that only means one thing: Teachers are back to their classrooms with pure joy on their faces, while students are somberly walking into another year of misery. Even though there will be an air of melancholy swarming the classroom, kids will be around their friends to wipe away their sadness. Let’s be real, things aren’t always that bad in school, though, right? We’ve seen Drake morph into Phil Jackson and coach a squad of bodacious women in the “Best I Ever Had” video. We’ve seen Andre 3000 show off his acting chops in “Roses.” We’ve also seen Lil Mama show us why her “Lipgloss” is popping.

With that being said, check out the best hip-hop videos that took place at schools.

10. Drake – “Best I Ever Had”

Well, besides the insanely hot chicks in this video, the visuals for “Best I Ever Had” were pretty bad. You would have thought a music savant like Kanye West would direct something better for the up and coming Drizzy Drake Rogers. Instead, he provided him with a mediocre video swamped with baddies struggling to make a layup.

9. Mya Featuring Silkk the Shocker – “Movin’ On”

If you were born after 2000, you probably have no idea who Mya is. Let’s just say this PYT had every guy drooling back in the day. For her 1998 video “Movin’ On,” some hater tried to press their luck with her baller boyfriend. I mean, homeboy was a wrecking ball and crashing his way through every girl. Mya realized that her boyfriend was a scrub and finally chucked the deuces a la Chris Brown.

8. Gwen Stefani – “Hollaback Girl”

What I would do to go back to high school and have Gwen Stefani as the head of our marching band. Her swag was everything back in the day. For one, she’s the only girl who can rock a skully while leading a band all by her damn self. That my friend, is swag.

7. Missy Elliot – “Gossip Folks”

This video was dope for various reasons. For one, it was a star-studded flick that featured the likes of TweetLudacris, Trina, Eve and more. Secondly, the gear was on point. Who do you know can stunt in red Adidas sweatsuits and dance the day away in their classrooms and cafeterias? If you guys know any schools that are this poppin’, please let us know.

6. Lil Mama – “Lip Gloss”

Before Lil Mama buried herself after courageously walking onstage during Jay Z‘s performance at the VMA’s in 2009, she had couple of bangers, most notably, “Lip Gloss.” The record screamed banger and bolstered her credibility as an artist. Unlike many videos, “Lip Gloss” was a quintessential display that showcased a girl trying to burst her way onto the scene as a youngin’ in high school. Too bad she ran out of “Lip Gloss” to prolong her career.

5. Iggy Azalea – “Fancy”

Hate it or love, Iggy Azalea had the world on tilt when she released “Fancy.” The Australian bombshell revisited the ’90s classic sitcom, Clueless and created a video for the ages. The infectious tune in conjunction with the high school setting was a match made in heaven. Even though people slam Iggy, we’re sure that kids would rather have her holding the classroom down than a sorry social studies teacher. Just saying.

4. OutKast – “Roses”

This video was so dope because it highlighted the contrast between Big Boi and Andre 3000. The two are such polar opposites. They executed the video seamlessly to play off their differences. Big Boi played a jock repping team Speakerboxx, while Andre 3000 was the artsy kid who played an integral role in repping his crew, The Love Below. Ultimately, the two sides clash and fall short of capturing the heart of the nice little damsel in the crowd.

3. Alicia Keys – “Teenage Love Affair

You know we had to show some love to the college kids on this list. In “Teenage Love Affair,” Alicia Keys is hooked on a promising relationship with co-star, Derek Luke. What’s dope about this video is that it captures the innocence of young adults trying to figure out love.

2. Chris Brown & T-Pain – “Kiss Kiss”

Picture this: You walk into class and hear T-Pain taking over the loudspeaker. Teddy Pain as your radio DJ is something epic. It was pure mayhem in the “Kiss Kiss” video. You have teachers getting their dance on and Lambos sitting comfortably outside of the school. Not only that, you have CB and his team of dancers getting busy like they were reenacting a scene from Stomp the Yard.

1. Beyoncé – “Move Your Body”

Listen, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never had Bey walk into my cafeteria and turn things up. She legit walked in, swagger on ten, and started busting a move and surprised a group of lucky kids. Now only did they revel in her performance, they joined in on the action. You gotta love it when Bey shows love for the youngsters. I’m kind of jealous, even though my footwork is borderline trash.


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