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Source: st albans police dept / st albans police dept

Some people really hate their jobs. But hey, we all have bills to pay. So what’s the best way to get out of your job but still keep collecting a check? Get fired and collect unemployment!¬†Kristofer Pregent decided to do just that, and put together what he thought was a well-thought-out plan. So he stole a coworker’s phone, called the police, and said he received a bomb threat! And he threw the coworker’s phone in the toilet. Then he snitched on himself and told the police he was just trying to get fired from his job. Well he wound up going to jail and being charged with¬†false public alarm, petit larceny and unlawful mischief. Here’s the dumb thing: he was doing way too much! He stole a coworker’s phone and threw it in the toilet! That’s enough to get him fired! But he was trying to be all extra, and now he won’t even get an unemployment check to put on his commissary.


What’s the most ignorant thing you’ve done at your job?