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Most people probably don’t want to be in jail. So the smart thing to do would be to not do things that get you arrested. But what happens when you’re already in jail, and you just can’t take it anymore?¬†Well if you’re Matthew Johnson and¬†Christopher Cornelius, you escape. And while I’m sure they could’ve gone to the prison library to get some tips on how to escape from prison, they decided to do it the old fashioned way: tie some bed sheets together and scale the 4-story wall. It went okay for a while…but somewhere around the second floor, the knot came undone, and Matthew Johnson fell 20 feet to the ground. He was clearly caught, and will be back in jail…after he leaves the hospital. Would you believe he’s in jail for drugs…? Yea….clearly he was high when he thought he could repel down 4 stories with a bed sheet.


How long would you wait for someone who’s doing time?