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Meek Mill just had a photoshoot with Nicki Minaj, where they had wads of money to play with. Nicki Minaj is uber rich, and Meek isn’t broke, soooooo somebody has to explain what’s going on with his baby mama. Fahimah Raheem was at a ShopRite grocery store, in the self check out, when a security guard caught her trying to pull the okie doke. She bought some frozen food, water, and bananas, but slipped some other items in a bag without paying for them. These items being two $6.99 containers of hot food from the buffet, and a $2.50 bag of pineapples. Not only was she caught on a blurry security camera, but he used her ShopRite loyalty card to pay for the items she actually bought, so it was easy to catch her. She got 2 years probation, 24 hours community service, and has to pay back the $17.32. She still hasn’t paid them back, by the way. So Drake killed Meek Mill, and his baby mama can’t afford the supermarket buffet. It’s a bad week for him.


If your child’s father is rich, should you be taken care of too?