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1. Rihanna is WAy Too Loyal


Source: Vanity Fair/Annie Leibovitz / Vanity/Annie Leibovitz

Rihanna told Vanity Fair that Rachel Dolezal, you know, the “transracial” chick, is a “hero.” Rihanna legit said “she changed people’s perspectives…” Now of course Twitter dragged Rihanna, but I think I kinda get it. See, apparently Rihanna has a soft spot in her heart for her, because Rachel Dolezal went to her hairdresser and said “make my hair lik RiRi’s.”


2. Kanye West Has Officially Lost It…His Mind, That Is 

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

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Kanye West did an interview and I think it’s safe to say Kim Kardashian has officially stolen Ye from us. He said Kim K and the Kardashian clan should’ve had Emmys a long time ago for their reality tv work.

Now I thought Emmys went to people who acted in a scripted series….and portray whatever life the public wants them to live…..wait. Damn, Kanye may have a point….


3. Somebody is Definitely About to Find Tupac

Tupac Shakur In 'Gridlock'd'

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Tupac wrote a letter from jail and basically said ‘thug life is dead’ and planned out a blueprint for the homies to make it out the hood. Well now the letter is for sale for $225K! Listen. Whoever has that kind of money to spend on that, BETTER hire someone to fly to the Dominican Republic and find Tupac, dammit!


I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. I can’t make this up.

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