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Greg Howard robbed someone and went to jail. Well it’s nice to know that sometimes justice is served, but that’s definitely ┬ánot where the story ends. Greg Howard is 47 and was sentenced to 20 years for robbing an elderly woman of $13,000 and jewelry, and leaving her bound at the ankles and wrists. And here’s where it gets weird. So after he was sentenced in court…the police allowed him to change clothes….walk up the hall into another courtroom….and got married. I guess they’ll have the honeymoon in 20 years. Now Greg Howard would be the Biggest Loser for getting married right after getting sentenced, but if you ask me, he’s the biggest winner! Think about it: you know his new bride is gonna make sure his commissary is straight at all times, she’s gonna send him nudes, and he’ll always have someone to call. Now his wife…..she lost.


After being engaged, how long would you wait on the wedding?