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Source: spartanburg county jail / spartanburg county jail

Even though the weather can’t make its mind up, cuffing season is upon us. And everyone needs a bae to keep them warm when it really gets cold outside. Well Patrick Doggett of Spartanburg, South Carolina knows the feeling. He has a girlfriend, but she wasn’t exactly keeping him warm. In fact, she refused to give up the skin. Patrick had been drinking and was in the mood, but his girlfriend denied him. So he┬ádid what any sane man would do….he called 911! His exact words to the 911 operator were she “would not give me any ass.” The reason his girlfriend declined was because her granddaughter was with her. Oh, did I mention they’re old as hell? Well, grandad gotta get some too.


When you’re in a relationship, are you obligated to have sex with your partner when he/she wants it?