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Source: polk county jail / polk county jail

Luis Orellana-Rivera was in a Des Moines, Iowa hospital, and when he was released, he had a decision to make: should he walk home, or take a taxi? Well it was a long 6 blocks to his house, so he decided to take a cab. No, he decided to TAKE a cab. The unoccupied taxi was unlocked with the keys still in it, so Luis decided to hop in and drive home. Now maybe he was in the hospital for a mental reason, because when police found him, he still had the key to the taxi in his pocket! To make it worse, when police asked him why he stole the cab, he told them the truth: he didn’t wanna walk 6 blocks to his house. Welp, pretty sure he won’t be walking any streets for a while now.


Worst experience with public transportation?