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Ya know, maybe they should stop letting people in prison watch cable. Remember the episode of ‘Empire’ where Lucious recorded that diss song in jail? Well, some inmates in South Carolina made a rap video. No, listen to what I’m saying: 7 men who are currently incarcerated made a rap video, while in jail. Wanna know the name of the video? “South Carolina Inmates Film 1st Ever Music Video In Prison!” Yea so that definitely caught the attention of everyone, including World Star….AND the prison in which they’re housed. Two inmates got 270 and 360 days for recording the video and uploading it to the Internet, but all the inmates got extra time on their sentence, collectively 7,150 days, or 20 years! Damn. All for a cell phone and a blurry video. The song starts off with “I’m on….” Yea, you’re on 24-hour lockdown.


Do you think prison sentences are too harsh?