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You know how your mom told you not to touch the stove because it’s hot? Well some people will listen, and other people will have to touch it just to see if they’ll get burned. Well such is the case with a 33 year old woman in Nebraska. This unidentified woman decided to get drunk…okay, people get drunk. That would’ve been fine if she took an uber home. But instead she decided to go to the zoo….after hours. Who gets drunk and says “hey, I wanna go to the zoo???” So anyway, she goes to the zoo, but they’re closed. But that doesn’t stop her. This woman sneaks into the zoo, and goes straight to the tiger’s cage! But she doesn’t just admire the tiger’s beauty. Oh no, she decides to stick her hand in the tiger’s cage. And guess what happened….? Yup, the tiger bit her. The tiger bit her hand so severely, she may lose part of it! Damn, whatever happened to just drunk texting…?


Clearly she isn’t afraid of deadly animals. Do you have a fear of an animal? Which and why?