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Source: nypd / NYPD

Remember when that $0.25 bag of chips was actually $0.25?? Yea well, prices have gone up on everything. But you have two choices: either stop buying it, or deal with it. Well a man in Queens decided to try and do both. He went to a Chinese restaurant, where he’s a regular, and ordered chicken wings and pork fried rice. The meal is $6.50, which is pretty good if you ask me, but the customer wanted to pay $5. So he got loud and angry, but eventually paid the $6.50. But that’s not the end of the story. He was so mad over that $1.50 difference, that he came back to the counter with a gun and threatened an employee! Fam, you already got your food; why are you bothering these people?? So now he’s wanted for menacing.  All that complaining over $1.50. I bet he ate every chicken wing in his bag though.


What’s something that you know you overpay for, but buy it anyway? (weave, purses, shoes, etc)