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Khloe Kardashian Gotta Leave Lamar Alone

Khloe And Lamar

Source: Alo Ceballos / Contributor / Getty

Khloe Kardashian has been visiting Lamar Odom in the hospital, and got a staff infection! Had a lesion on her leg and it’s so bad she’s had to cancel some of her book tour. First she says she’s a polygamist because she has a husband and a boyfriend, and now she has a staff infection from visiting Lamar…? Girl. Leave that hospital alone before you die.


Dr. Dre Needs Condoms

Kids In The Spotlight Film Awards - Arrivals

Source: JC Olivera / Getty

There was a reality tv show star that was about to go on tv and say Dr. Dre was the father of her child! But Dre got proof that he wasn’t. But here’s the thing: Dre said he paid child support for years because he just assumed he was the daddy. Uh…whet?? You been rich since the 80’s, how you voluntarily pay for a child that’s not yours?? You know you’re having too much sex when you just assume the kid is yours.


That Boy Needs a Check

Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie

Source: Twitter Screenshot / Twitter Screenshot

So, have you had a Patti Pie yet? Honey it’s life-changing. We all saw that crazy viral video, then went and got a sweet potato pie. No, like ALL of us. Patti Labelle has sold $2.3 million worth of pies over the weekend. All from a viral video. Okay question: that boy did all that singing on the video….helped sell all those pies… think he’s getting a check…? Naw. Oh okay. Well keep singing baby.