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Ayesha Curry, the wife of NBA champion and reigning MVP Steph Curry, sparked a fiery debate on Twitter after speaking out on the latest fashion trends and her thoughts about dressing “classy.”

With just two tweets, the chef, blogger, and mother of two nearly broke the internet.



The response to her Tweets range from utter outrage, to people agreeing with her views on leaving something to the imagination verses baring it all.





On Monday, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discussed her comments about keeping the “good stuff covered up” and social media’s reaction.

Martin, who didn’t see a problem with Curry’s opinion about women dressing “classy,” said, “Folks lost they mind — throw rock, hit dog, will holler?”

NewsOne Now panelist Dr. Wilmer Leon explained the outrage could have stemmed from a “generational issue.”

“Her tweet sounds more in line with what my mother would say or what my grandmother would say,” Leon continued. “With her being the age that she is, she’s bucking the trend of her generation and she is also, in my opinion, very subtly commenting on the trash that we’re being subjected to with ridiculous programs like Housewives of Atlanta and all of this other crap that we’re being subjected to, where it’s drama for the sake of drama and all they want to do is show as much as they can show and still stay on television.”

Lauren Victoria Burke, Managing Editor of, believes the reaction to Curry’s comments is a result of available women outnumbering men in the African-American community. She said, “It’s very difficult if you are a Black female to get a guy and so it’s interesting when you see somebody who’s got a husband, tweeting something about this.”

Burke added, “She’s basically making a commentary on what it takes to get a guy’s attention.”

GOP strategist Paris Dennard believes Curry was explaining that she “keeps it” for her husband. “As a married woman, I choose to dress a little more classy for my husband,” Dennard said.

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the controversy over Ayesha Curry’s comments about keeping things “classy” in the video clip above.

Sound off in the comment box below. Do you agree with Curry’s opinion about keeping the “good stuff covered up?”

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