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Apparently it is the week for celebrities to just be punching random people in the face. Rule number one… Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT prank a black woman that just had a baby while you’re driving. Too many things can go wrong. For example, she can deservingly punch your dumb ass in the face and almost get yawl killed.

Now im over exaggerating but it could have happened lol. According to Love B. Scott

Teyana unfortunately became the victim of Queenz Flip’s latest #FlipSongReactions prank. If you haven’t seen it, it’s where he loses his mind to his favorite hip-hop songs while driving unsuspecting passengers.

Anyway, new-mom Teyana needed to get to her hair appointment and Queenz Flip (via her fiancé Iman Shumpert) offered to drive her. Both Iman and Teyana warned Queenz not to try any sh*t, but he didn’t listen and pranked her anyway….or at least he tried to.

Teyana wasn’t here for the foolishness…at all.

I mean she warned him… I don’t know what else you want from her lol


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