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When you send your children off to school, you are hoping they learn the fundamentals like math or literature. Well not for this 11 year old student who was taught how to pleasure himself by his teacher!

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Pedo Pervs: 36-Year-Old Teacher And Firefighter Busted Teaching 11-Year-Old Boy How To Touch Himself

Teacher Busted Teaching 11-Year-Old Boy How To Touch Himself

An upstate New York teacher and firefighter was arrested for teaching an 11-year-old boy how to touch himself multiple times according to NY Daily News:

Court documents show that Ryan Harrington, 36, repeatedly had inappropriate sexual contact with an 11-year-old boy over the summer of 2015, the Ithaca Voice reported.

In July, while giving the boy a ride home, the man demonstrated how to masturbate, using hand gestures, according to the court papers.

The following month, he took the boy hiking and showed him how to use a firefighter’s pager to masturbate. Harrington allegedly got the boy to try it for himself, by holding the pager in front of his pants.

Less than a week later, the boy slept over at Harrington’s house and the wayward teacher helped him take a shower. During the shower, he allegedly flicked the boy’s penis with his finger.

“During this same sleepover, the defendant showed the boy his vibrating back massager and showed him how this back massager could assist with masturbation,” according to court records.

Both of the boy’s parents provided statements, and the boy’s father called Harrington’s attention “alarming” and said that he seemed “obsessed.”