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Rick Ross Has An Impeccable Memory

Red Bull Super Pool Hosted By Reggie Bush and Devin Hester

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So you know Birdman and Lil Wayne finally made up. Well Rick Ross is making fun of them.

Wait. So Meek is beefing with your rival, 50 Cent, yet you choose to go at Wayne and Baby?? Yea Ross remembers how 50 killed him before. He ain’t got 9 lives.


Bobby Shmurda Must Like Disappointment

Bobby Shmurda

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Bobby Shmurda been in jail so long, I sometimes forget he was ever free! Welp, he’s been denied bail for the 7th time. His lawyer says he’s gonna keep trying, even if he has to try 55 times. My question is, when the hell does he start his trial???


…I’m Not Smoking That…

Reefer madness

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Gotta love Wu Tang. They stay making money! Well now, Ghostface Killah has a strain of weed, called “Wu Goo.” It’s for people who like to vape….wait. Wu GOO?? Bruh, if you would smoke something called “goo,” I’m gonna assume you smoke more than weed.


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