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As we know by now, there are no black actors or actresses nominated by the Academy for an Oscar. Movies like Creed, Concussion, and Strait Out of Compton getting snubbed has many celebrities black and white upset. Celebrities like Snoop Dog, Spike Lee, George Clooney, Michael Moore, and Even Academy President (who happens to be a black woman) have spoken out on their disappointment in the lack of diversity in the Academy.

Jada Pinkett Smith calls for a Boycott of the Oscars and others like 50cents and Tyrese say that Chris Rock should drop out and not host the Oscars. This controversy has caused uproar in between black celebrities.

Whoopi Goldberg rips the Oscars for their lack of diversity but also black actors, director, producers and celebrity’s period for not supporting diversity in the industry all year around.

“We have this conversation every year and it pisses me off because there are people — there’s not a lot of support for little companies who make movies more diverse than anyone else,” Goldberg said. “You can’t just look at it around Oscar time. You have to say, ‘I am mad,’ and don’t be surprised.” “Why is this a conversation that we only have once a year?” she continued. “Every year we get all fired up and then the rest of the year nobody says anything.”

There has also been an outcry of other celebrities in other fields and industries that those wanting to boycott the Oscars are focusing on the wrong things.

The Flint Water Scandal right now is being classified as “Racial Genocide” because Flint, Michigan is 60% black. However many actors and actresses of color that have the funds to give the city clean water seem to be more focused on being upset that they yet again got snubbed by an award show that was never really built for them to win? While we understand the importance of diverse representation, whats going on in Flint is important too. So what do you think?

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