Guess Jay Z and Beyoncé are falling on hard times, because they lost a 7 Million dollar Home to 35 year old Mark Persson, The guy who made the game mincraft.Lets take a look at the good old days with the Carters…

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According to TMZ

Minecraft creator Markus Persson is simply giving away a bunch of stuff, including Michael Jackson memorabilia that was left behind in his insane Bev Hills mansion.
Not only did the billionaire gaming mogul snatch the crib from Jay Z and Beyonce — he outbid them in 2014 — but the previous owner left Bentley furniture, Shepard Fairey prints and even framed and autographed MJ pics.
36-year-old Persson (yes, he’s that young) is auctioning off the items…

So okay, the house wasn’t technically theirs yet, but the fact they let that young man play them buy out bidding the 2 and now selling all the stuff that could have been theirs. What slap in the face to the Carters if you ask me. Even if he is donating all the “proceeds will go to Design by Donation which supports at-risk youth.”

Click HERE to check out pics of the woulda shoulda coulda home they missed out on