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Kardashians are Calling the Kettle Black

Sources are saying the Kardashians have released a sex tape starring Blac Chyna! Okay first off, it’s not a sex tape; it’s her in a binkin pinching her nipples. Secondly, it’s old as hell. Third and finally, why is this news?? They also released Kim Kardashian’s sex tape! I’m sleep doe…


Chief Keef’s Girlfriend Smokes Good…

Chief Keef and his girlfriend have a baby on the way, and I think this is either his 5th or 50th kid. Now last I checked, Chief Keef owed at least 26 stacks in child support.¬†Honey his girlfriend must be on whatever drugs he’s on to procreate with him.


Stevie J Was Actually Famous Before…

Stevie J basically admitted to having smashed Khloe Kardashian at one point, and people seem to be shocked by this. Uh…you know Stevie J was actually famous in the 90’s, right? And you know if it’s one thing about a Kardashian, they love them some famous black men. Well…except Kourtney.


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