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lilD has the tea weeknights at 8 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm inside the Word Eye Heard Entertainment Report! Here’s what’s happening:

lilD's Word Eye Heard Ent Report 3-15

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50 Cent Needs a Hug


Source: Starz / Starz/Power

50 Cent has been going through bankruptcy, his oldest son doesn’t love him, and he had to admit that he’s been doing it for the gram. Well then he was caught at a Beverly Hills Mercedes dealership, and I was scratching my head. He was just window shopping though. Ya know, all this tells me is that 50 needs a hug. Clearly being rich-people-poor has really hurt his pride.

See the video here.

The Power of Drake is Strong…

Drake at Toronto Raptors

Source: Cole Burston / Getty

Drake was at a Bulls and Raptors game, and got to whispering in a Bulls player’s ear, and distracted him so much, that the player couldn’t inbound the ball, causing a 5-second violation. First of all, why is Drake that close to the player, like he’s the coach?? The owner isn’t that close!! It must be nice to be the artist who made “Hotline Bling.”


Lil Wayne’s Lawyer is Slick…

Drake And Lil Wayne In Concert - Mountain View, CA

Source: C Flanigan / Getty

Lil Wayne’s lawyer is suing him for $280,000 in unpaid legal fees. Wayne was paying the lawyer in installments, but skipped his February payment. Wayne was just featured in a Samsung commercial, and released an album with 2 Chainz….and his lawyer just now wants to sue. Well…nothing like suing when you know he has the money.


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