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Washington (CNN)9:47 p.m. ET update: CNN projects Donald Trump will win the Illinois Republican primary.

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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and John Kasich scored significant primary victories Tuesday while a big loss in Florida prompted Marco Rubio to drop his White House bid.

CNN projects that Kasich, the Ohio governor, will win the GOP primary in his home state. The win is his first of the 2016 campaign and represents a speed bump for Republican front-runner Donald Trump by depriving the billionaire of 66 crucial delegates that would have made it easier to reach the magic number of 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination.

Still, Trump won the other big prize of the night: the Florida primary and its 99 delegates. That resounding win helped force Rubio out of the race after failing to unite the Republican establishment against Trump.

GOP leaders may now look to Kasich as their final chance to unite behind a candidate who could challenge Trump in the event of a contested convention.

“We are all very, very happy,” Kasich told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a telephone interview.

On the Democratic side, Clinton has won the Florida and Ohio primaries — crucial victories that bolster Clinton’s claim that she is her party’s only candidate who can win diverse states that will be pivotal in the November general election.

She is also projected to win the North Carolina primary, completing her sweep of Southern states where she has enjoyed strong support from African-American voters.

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