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Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversy – in fact, she welcomes it. In a new interview with VICE Broadly, the 24-year-old rapper gave some pretty jaw-dropping soundbites about practicing witchcraft and how unfairly her social media presence is scrutinized in comparison to Kanye West.

“I’ll say something on Twitter and my head gets ripped off. And then Kanye West will say some other f-cking meaningless, senseless dumb shit. And then it’s like oh well, you know…he’s just an artsy man. He’s just f-cking cool. It’s frustrating.”

Banks also walks us through her childhood, citing that she’s had fantasies of being famous since a child, and that consistent pressure to leave the nest by her mom fed her drive. “My mom always made it very clear to me as a little girl ‘As soon as you turn 18, you gotta go,’” the “212” rapper shared. “When I was 15 or 16, I started rapping because it just seemed like the quicker route to fame.”

When Banks’ mom gave her the boot and her situation got desperate, she turned to exotic dancing, which luckily, was just a temporary solution. “My mother was like ‘you can’t stay here.’ I went to this strip club in Queens and auditioned. I was stripping for two weeks, and then 212 popped off. The Gods were watching me.”

Oh, and in terms of exactly what Gods Banks is referring to, let’s just say she’s got unique spiritual identity. “[My favorite] is the egg spell,” Banks confirms while discuss her witchcraft practices. “You cleanse yourself with an egg, pass the egg all over yourself, praying for all your negativity to go away into the egg. Usually you do it when somebody’s fucking with you.”

Well, alrighty then! Check out the full interview below and sound off in the comments.


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