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Just chill, bro. If you’ve finally finished a big project with your team at work or are stuck on something, its time for a break. Sometimes you need a few minutes to yourself before trying to grind out the rest of the meetings you have planned for the afternoon.

Here are 5 ways to clear your mind on your lunch break:




You don’t have to get barefoot and sit with your legs crossed and eyes closed to meditate. By definition, meditation means to spend time in quiet thought for the sole purpose of relaxation. It’s all about remaining grounded and being aware of your thoughts.

Make Lists


Compartmentalizing always helps. There’s nothing better than being stressed out about what you have to do then writing down everything and being able to cross things off, or realizing you don’t have much to do. Now you no longer have to remember all the tasks you’ve gotta finish before the days out, and you’re more likely to get it done. Lists are like containers for the mind; everything is suddenly uncluttered.

Take A Texting Break


Hit up some squad members to take your mind off of the day. Found a few good memes that you know everyone else in the group thread will find hysterical? Share it. Or, you can just hit up bae to see how their day is going, and make some plans to meet up after work. That way, you’ve got something to forward to after work.



All of those funny articles you’ve been bookmarking over the past few weeks? Here’s a chance to read a few of them. Not only will it get your mind off of things but you might get some inspiration for work too.

Social Media


It may be time to get those tweets off. Scrolling through your timeline to see what silly topics the people you follow is a quick and simple way to get your mind off of everything else. With 15 minutes to spare, you can quickly scroll through everything you’ve missed in the last few hours with some time left for your own 140 character jokes.

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