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Via Celebrity Networth:

Mikaila Ulmer made a sweet deal that will set her up for life and go a long way towards saving the environment, as well! The 11-year-old from Austin, Texas made an $11 million deal with Whole Foods to sell her BeeSweet Lemonade in 55 regional stores in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. If the young entrepreneur’s lemonade sells well in these stores, Whole Foods will offer it in stores nationwide.

The 6th grader got her start the way many young people do – with a lemonade stand. She’s been able to turn her Me & The Bees lemonade stand into a successful and sustainable business. Mikaila’s lemonade recipe contains mint, flaxseed, lemons, and honey. It is her great-grandmother Helen’s recipe. Mikaila donates part of her revenues to bee rescue foundations. BeeSweet lemonade supports the  Sustainable Food Center, Texas Beekeepers Association, and Heifer International.

Clearly, Mikaila is not your average 6th grader. When Mikaila was four years old, she developed a fear of bees after being stung twice. To help her get over her fear of bees, Mikaila’s mother D’Andra encouraged her to learn more about bees. When young Mikaila discovered that bees were in danger of becoming extinct, she came up with the plan to sell her great-grandma’s honey sweetened lemonade to make money to help the bees survive.

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Meet Mikaila Ulmer: The 11-Year-Old Who Made A Sweet $11 Million Deal With Whole Foods  was originally published on zhiphopcleveland.com

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