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How Much is Love and Hip Hop Paying???

So I had heard that Trick Daddy was joining ‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami,’ but now I’m hearing rumors that Trina is joining too! Now far as I knew, Trina was still doing shows and making money. Honey how much is Mona and the good people at VH1 paying?? Cause I need parts.


Rob Kardashian Got a Job…?

Rob Kardashian just bought Blac Chyna a new car…a purple 2016 Lambo! It retails for about $199,000….and that’s before any customizations he had done to it.

Okay so question: does Rob Kardashian have a job? I’m sure he has a Kardashian trust fund and reality money, but does he have new money coming in…? Cause he gone get caught up in that Blac Chyna box, blowing bands on cars and whatnot, and run out of funds. Better open up a Starbucks or something.


Tamar Braxton Needs Glasses….?

Tamar Braxton recently confessed her attraction towards Future, and I’m like uh……Okay so here’s the thing: her husband looks like a bag of marshmallows, and we’re supposed to believe you suddenly have good taste…? Did she have cataracts this entire time, and she just get lasik eye surgery….? Girl. Bye.