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Lebron James is Helping Our Self-Esteem


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

Nobody really thinks Lebron drives that Kia, right? Well one of his teammates caught him actually driving it! See? Now if a super rich guy like Lebron can drive a Kia, then you shouldn’t be ashamed of your 22 year old car! Point A to Point B…


Katt Williams Will be Right at Home

Katt Williams Performs In Atlantic City

Source: Donald Kravitz / Getty

The judge is sick of Katt Williams’ shenanigans, and he may wind up spending 6 months in jail for all these arrests. I for one think he’s gonna be right at home; he just has to channel his inner-Money Mike and pretend his cellmate is Damon. He knows how this goes…


The Kardashian Curse Strikes Again!

Lamar Odom

Source: /

Remember when Lamar Odom almost died in a brothel after a long night of sex and cocaine? Welp, footage of his hospital stay may wind up onĀ Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Lamar reportedly signed off on it! There were no cameras allowed in there, but Khloe was recording with her phone. And here we were, thinking she was at the hospital because she cared. Naw, she was tryna get that executive producer check.


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