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Drake Lost, and Still Can’t Lose

Celebrities At Wimbledon 2015

Source: Karwai Tang / Getty

Drake skipped out on the Billboard Music Awards…even though he was in the city…to play golf. And instead of caring about Meek beating Drake for Best Rap Album….we’re watching a video of Drake swinging a golf club. And Meek loses again. I’ll be damned.


So THIS is Why Kanye’s Clothing Line is Trash….

Yeezy Season 3

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Kanye’s former bodyguard is telling anyone who’ll listen that Kanye is crazy. He says that Kanye’s bodyguards were only allowed to wear black, because patterns distract him. So is THAT why the Yeezy clothing line is a bunch of boring, beige rags…? If that’s the case, then Kanye should make EVERYONE wear patterns. Maybe some of it will rub off on him.


Lil Wayne Must Have Amnesia…

Lil Wayne

Source: Live Nation / Lil Wayne

Video emerged of Lil Wayne telling a crowd to say “F Cash Money.”

You would think Wayne never kissed Baby in the mouth! Don’t you know him well enough to know this won’t get you out your contract….?


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