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Remember a few months back when Nia asked the judge to reduce the amount of contact ChrisBrown had with his daughter and an increase in Child Support? Well things are not looking too good for her in that department.

According to TMZ:

The judge wasn’t having it, so the status quo remains. We’re told Chris and Nia will continue to have joint legal and physical custody. Under the existing custody order, Chris gets 12 days a month with his daughter and it will continue to be unmonitored.

Nia’s also gunning for more child support, although that wasn’t on the table. She’s getting $2,500 a month but wants it upped to nearly $16k a month.

Chris Brown fan across the country went in on their social media accounts about the decision. Mostly dogging “Money Grubbing Baby Mama” Nia Guzman. and here is what she had to say…

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All that sound good but why you need a $16k a month in child Support