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Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is looking to expand her mark in the food and beverage industry. According to reports, Winfrey filed paperwork to trademark a new collection of bottled drinks and food. The line will feature coconut water, energy drinks, lemonade, and bottled water. Other products include spices, baked goods, dairy, meat, fish, preserved food items, and fruits and vegetables. She is also reportedly looking to include items like cut flowers and beers. “Oprah developed an incredible amount of good will through her show (and) my expectation is that she will use that good will to expand her brand,” said Catherine Farrelly, a partner at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein and Selz. There is no word on when her product line will be released. Read more.

McDonald’s Headquarters to Move to Former Harpo Studios Space

McDonald’s will soon occupy the space where Oprah’s Harpo Studios once lived. The site, located in Chicago, was home to Oprah’s media company for decades. The fast food company is reportedly close to closing a deal. “We’re not going to speculate and when we have information to share it will be with our employees first,” said McDonald’s spokeswoman Becca Hary in a statement. The McDonald’s headquarters is currently located in Oak Brook, where the site harbors their “Hamburger University” training facility. McDonald’s reportedly plans on building a 300,000-square-foot office at the Harpo Studios site. Winfrey moved her Harpo media empire to California last year. Oak Brook Village President Gopal Lalmalani is skeptical about the move. “I don’t know if they would have room to move all of their operations to Chicago,” Lalmalani said. “They have a very large campus in Oak Brook. They have been a very strong partner for many years, and we hope they stay in Oak Brook.” Read more.

President Obama Says U.S. Should Expand Social Security Benefits

On Wednesday, President Obama said he believes the U.S. should expand Social Security retirement benefits. His new outlook on the matter is different from the position he held in the past. He formerly supported cuts to Social Security benefits. “It’s time we finally made Social Security more generous and increased its benefits so that today’s retirees and future generations get the dignified retirement that they’ve earned,” he said while delivering a speech in Elkhart, Indiana. “And we can start paying for it by asking the wealthiest Americans to contribute a little bit more. They can afford it. I can afford it.” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he backs President Obama’s stance. “I applaud President Obama for making it clear that it is time to expand Social Security benefits,” said Sanders. Read more.

Outkast Rapper Big Boi Receives Backlash From Black Women After Posting Meme

Outkast rapper Big Boi caused an uproar on social media this week after he posted a meme that compared mothers of today’s generation to those from the past. The photo featured on the left side of the meme was actress Esther Rolle, who played Florida Evans on the hit show Good Times, with the words “Mothers In The 70s.” The right photo on the meme featured a scantily clad women in the shower with her child in the background with the words, “Mothers Now.” Along with the photo, Big Boi posted a caption that read “…And we act like we don’t know what’s wrong with these kids.” Outraged by the post, many women of color clapped back and posted photos depicting positive examples of Black mothers. “@BigBoi NaChe Thompson revolutionized formula feeding with her invention,” read one tweet. “@BigBoi Angela Benton had her child at 16, started a company that helped 300 startups get over $17M,” read another. Big Boi said he didn’t post the photo to bash Black women, but rather to show the lack of care some mothers have for their children. Read more.

Showtime Gives Pilot Order for New Jamie Foxx Show

Showtime has requested a pilot order for a series called White Famous, which is executive produced by Jamie Foxx and Tom Kapinos. The half-hour show will be centered on an African-American comedian’s career. The project is being co-produced by Lionsgate Television and SHOWTIME and penned by Kapinos. “I came up from standup comedy, so to be able to share that aspect of my life on screen with a project like ‘White Famous’ is incredibly exciting,” said Foxx in a statement. “We couldn’t have found better partners than SHOWTIME, Lionsgate and Tom Kapinos to tell this story in the best possible way.” There is no word on when the show will debut. Read more.


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