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Yesterday tons of Pokemon were running around like crazy, and so were all of us who play.

The game kept crashing. After Pokemon Go just launching in 26 new countries, we thought the crash had something to do with the games expansion.

However, a group called PoodleCorp claimed responsibility for the server crash in a series of tweets.

The group also insinuated that another attack on the game was imminent.

Regardless, we found another reason to use the MJ crying face:

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Pokemon Go is the wildly popular augmented reality game where players capture virtual creatures, amass a collection and use them to battle Pokemon held by other players.

The game works by using your phone’s camera to superimpose Pokemon creatures into the real world.

It was released on July 7 and has been downloaded over 10 million times to Android and Apple devices.

With Saturday’s new launches the game can now be played in 34 countries, including the U.S., Australia and most of Europe.

Source: CNN