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Actor Scott Baio has been vocal about his support for presidential candidate Donald Trump for quite some time. But he didn’t know what hit him this morning when he stepped into Tamron Hall‘s house on MSNBC for a quick interview during the Republican National Convention.

Shortly after they sat down, Hall shredded the actor for tweeting a meme that called the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton the “c-word” along with other offenses.

Check out the on-air destruction below, skip to 3:20 to watch the verbal smack down begin:

The news anchor called out Baio for being hypocritical when he took the stage in support of Trump at the RNC, citing his faith, and the faith of the Republican party, while, at the same time, being willing to share disgusting words about Clinton.

“Does joking about a woman that way make America great again?” Hall asked. Baio tried to defend his words by saying that he’s from Brooklyn and that’s just his sense of humor, but Hall was having none of it, and neither were her fans.

Users have taken to Twitter to support Hall and express their joy over seeing the actor squirm:

This is not even close to the first time a Trump supporter has Tweeted disgusting things so we shouldn’t really expect Baio to be any different. Still, it’s great to see someone get called out for it every now and then.

SOURCE: UsWeekly | PHOTO: Getty

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