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You Must Blame Yourself 

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Source: Steve Granitz / Getty

Ever since Tyga paid his landlord all that backrent, his jeweler now wants the $200K Tyga owes him. Apparently he went to court too, and was awarded the money, but hasn’t seen a dime of it. Okay so here’s the thing: don’t y’all use Google?? You know Tyga don’t pay his bills! Stop letting him buy stuff! You just gotta take your L on this one.


Kodak Black Better Live in a Bubble

Kodak Black

Source: Atlantic Records

Kodak Black is finally free! Under 1 condition: if he messes up again, he’s going to jail for 55 years. Well he’s 19 right now, so I say he go ahead and commit the inevitable crime now. At least that way, he won’t die in jail, and he’ll be old enough to get social security. Just sayin.


Dry Snitchin Must be in Style

Calvin Klein Collection - Front Row - Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2015

Source: Jacopo Raule / Getty

Nick Young is really trying to get Iggy Azalea back, and I’m not mad at him for that. Well….he was hanging with Gilbert Arenas, and while Nick is on the phone, Gilbert is in the back talkin bout they got hoes to get!

Ya know, you gotta be unhappy as hell with your life, to spend your time hating on a man trying to get his white woman back. Let that man get Iggy; don’t nobody else want her.