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I’m Switching Careers

Drake And Future Perform At Frank Erwin Center

Source: Rick Kern / Getty

You know Drake is on tour, and he was pissed after one of his tour buses got raided, and thieves made off with 2 to 3 million dollars worth of jewelry. It wasn’t Drake’s, it was his DJ’s jewelry. Damn, people are so evil! But…let’s focus on what’s important here: Drake’s DJ has 2 to 3 million dollars worth of jewelry?? Bruh I’m switching jobs. DJ Mr. King gotta teach me the turntables.

Drake’s hissyfit:


Lil Wayne’s Going to Jail??

Lil Wayne


So apparently Lil Wayne can’t live. Somebody called the police and said a man was shot and bleeding in Wayne’s house, and police bust in there to investigate. Nobody in the house was shot, because this was clearly a prank call…and Wayne got so salty he told the police “I’m tired of shit sh..t; take me to jail!” Well, if Wayne does go back to jail, maybe Birdman would let him release the Carter.



Young Dolph Got Me Messed Up

Young Dolph

Source: ATL Pics / Hot 1079

Young Dolph has a new mixtape called “Rich Crack Baby.” And he talks about how being a crack baby used to be embarrassing, so he flipped the meaning up.

Um, sir. Let the record reflect, I’m a crackbaby and I’ve never fit that description you talking about. Sitcho ass down.


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