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John Legend

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John Legend really knows how to tug at our heartstrings.

The “All Of Me” singer wants people to know how important it is to stay involved in politics, so he shared a deeply personal story about his mom. In fact, it’s so personal we can hardly believe he got on camera to talk about it.

After his grandmother died, her daughter (his mom Phyllis), fell into a deep and dark depression. “She kind of turned to the wrong things to comfort her and became estranged from the family. When she was on drugs and having her own battle with depression, she got in trouble a few times and had to interact with the criminal justice system,” Legend says in his explanation for the very reason people need to get out and vote.

“We talk about that sometimes and we both agree that when people are going through those kinds of issues, they really need help, they don’t need to be locked up. They need counseling, they need drug treatment,” he says and later on, after discussing the astounding number of people in American jails, he adds, “All those decisions to lock people up are being made in our name, because we’re voters and we decide who’s in charge…”

Listen to Legend explain how his upbringing impacted his growing involvement in politics in his “Why I Vote” video by clicking here.


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