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T.I. Needs to Use His Power More Often

T.I. 925 Scales restaurant ribbon cutting

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First Lil Wayne said Black Lives Matters is dumb. So then T.I. posted to Wayne, amongst other things, “that’s what would be considered ‘Uncle Tom Shit.'” So Lil Wayne so eloquently responded on twitter by saying “Fk ya.”

So Lil Wayne had so much to say when it came to Black Lives Matter, but after TI checked him, he’s quiet…? If Tip has this kind of effect on people, I have an entire list of people for him to check.

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Reggie Bush’s New Baby Mama Needs a Gift Card

Z Zegna & GQ Celebrate The New Z Zegna Hosted By Nick Jonas

Source: Ari Perilstein / Getty

Reggie Bush’s side chick is getting read to have his side baby, and her registry is lit. First she has things like bottle brushes and mittens, but then she gets to a $700 stroller and a $500 chair. The entire list is $7,500. Well does she have a GoFundMe? Because Reggie Bush already gave her $3 million to have an abortion, and she didn’t, so he’s probably not feeling paying even more money for this side baby. Better hit up Family Dollar.

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Trump Thinks We Like Him…?

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University

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So you know Hillary Clinton was in Cleveland with Beyonce and Jay-Z, trying to get people to vote for her. So Trump had a rally and said, “I didn’t have to bring J-Lo or Jay Z…I am here all by myself.” Well, sir. Neither Jay-Z nor Beyonce would’ve shown up for your rally. Don’t be acting like they offered and you turned them down. You can’t sit with us.

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