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Kanye West has had a rough year. From his homeless-couture clothing line, to not feeling accepted by the fashion industry (probably because of his homeles-couture clothing line), to his countless rants at his shows, nobody could really be shocked when Kanye West finally suffered a mental breakdown and had to be put into a mental institution for treatment and observation.

But then came some surprising rumors that his wife Kim Kardashian was fed up, and considering divorcing Kanye. The couple shut down those rumors, but we here at the Word Eye Heard knew it was some BS from the beginning. So…

#WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 Reasons Kim Ain’t Divorcing Kanye West

5.  She’ll Never Be Friends with Beyonce

While Kim Kardashian is super rich and ridiculously famous, we all know more than anything, she wants to be taken seriously. She’s been trying to get Queen Bey to be her friends since she started dating Kanye, and Beyonce barely sits by her at award shows.

The closets thing Kim has to Beyonce, is Beyonce’s husband’s part-time friend Kanye West. If she loses that,  she has no chance of the Beyhive ever accepting her.

4. Ray J Will Never Let Her Hear the End of It

Ray J is already still singing about hitting it first, and how Kim planned the entire sex tape.

Now he’s a happily married man, and Kim would be divorced for the third time?? If this marriage dissolves, Ray J might release an entire EP dogging Kim. And not one person is interested in hearing Ray J sing about Kim, or anything else for that matter.

3. She’ll Turn Into Kylie Jenner

Think about it: since she’s been dating Tyga and dealing with the fact that he knows how to buy stuff, but can’t make one on-time payment, Kylie Jenner is one chicken wing, Hennessy bottle, and premature ejaculation away from being Blac Chyna, her boyfriend’s baby mama, who’s engaged to her brother. Yea.

Kim can’t have illegitimate children; for some strange reason, little girls look up to her.

Yea, we don’t get it either.

2. Kanye Might Stop Being Crazy

If you’re anything like us, you miss the Old Kanye. The College Dropout Kanye. Well if Kanye West was to find his mind, we would be happy, but that means he would have to realize he got on and left Alexis for a white girl (see “Gold Digger”). No more appearances on the slowly-dying Keeping Up with the Kardashians, no more crazy TMZ stories.

And that’s not good for Kim, who’s famous for being famous. She needs Kanye to stay as crazy as ever, for as long as possible.

1. Nobody Else is Crazy Enough to Marry Her

Have you seen what the Kardashians do to their husbands??? 2 words: Lamar Odom.

Lamar Odom went from a respected NBA all-star, to a crackhead…? Now what you may  have forgotten, was that right before Lamar allegedly began hitting the pipe, he allegedly had five mistresses whom he was cheating on his then-wife Khloe Kardashian with.

Now I’m not saying that Lamar cheated on Khloe, then the Kardashian clan either drove him to crack, or just made the entire thing up, but I am saying that when you cross them, your life is suddenly in shambles. What sane man is going to marry Kim Kardashian, if she divorces Kanye West because he couldn’t get it together, and he’s suddenly a heroin addict?

Are we sure he didn’t cheat on her before he “lost his mind….?” Just saying.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. One of you dumb asses would still marry her.

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