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12 days of christmas

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GrindingInRealLife.com’s “12 Days of Christmas” gave 12 girls the chance to live their dreams for a day! Afterwards, all winners were invited to a “Present and Pamper Party!” Check out how it went down:

lild 12 days of christmas present pamper party

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For information on how your child can be chosen for the next “12 Days of Christmas,” visit GrindingInRealLife.com.

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 1: Narubi Becomes a Police Officer!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 2: Camille Becomes a Singer!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 3: Kiersten Becomes a Radio Personality!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 4: Brionna Becomes a Teacher!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 5: Saraai Becomes a Fashion Designer!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 6: Rashaya Becomes a Veterinarian!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 7: Lapri Becomes a Lawyer!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 8: Gabby Becomes a TV Journalist!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 9: Raven Becomes a Medical Examiner!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 10: Jada Becomes a Mortician!

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 11: Tyanna Becomes a Chef!