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21 Savage started feeling himself a little too much, and was accused of perpetuating rape culture through tweets.

The newly signed Epic Records artist was feeling himself a little too hard this past Friday. Apparently, 21 feels that he’s been “trapping so hard” that any woman dealing with him should be rewarding him.

Here are his exact words:

When Kanye West said he felt like there were women who “owe me sex” back in 2008, we didn’t live in a social media vacuum where questionable statements could be dissected immediately. But fast forward almost a decade later, people aren’t letting anyone slide and 21 is no different.

After firing off that tweet, fans and followers accused him of supporting rape culture and advised that he take the tweet down, which he did.

21 logged back on later to clarify what he meant.

So…a “real b*tch” should want to give a man sex with no commitment, simply because he’s succesful. Mkay.

via HipHopWired

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