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So this has to be one the smartest ideas ever. Its about time that neighbors stick together against attackers , Shoutout to Laurie Baer and Gertrude who are standing up to the attackers.

With two recent attacks on women in the morning Jan 23 and Jan 27. Its time to fight back….

On Laurie Baer

She chose German Village for the reasons many others cite. Its history and architecture. The ability to get places without needing to drive, something she’d enjoyed in Hoboken.

“It was important to me that I could still walk around the neighborhood,” she said.

When she heard about the attacks on women, she didn’t entertain the thought of giving those walks up. She just repurposed them.


“It’s not in my nature to cower inside my house,” she said.

She logged onto, a free, private social network that links residents to their neighbors.

“Are you, like me, disturbed by the reports of muggings in the morning?” she wrote. She offered to walk her neighbors to their cars in the mornings.


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