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In today’s Great Moment in Black History we celebrate Bone Thugs N Harmony: the first rappers to celebrate being poor.

Anyone from an impoverished area knows the joys of anticipating, and receiving, a welfare check and food stamps. That government-supplied compensation, often coming at the beginning of the month, paid for food, clothes, and other essential items. While some people may have been ashamed to put their need for assistance on display, rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony made a celebratory song about it. “First of the Month” became an anthem for hoods all over America, as the group turned the day into a celebration, marked by eating otherwise-expensive food, firing up the grill, and feeling good about being able to feed your family. Most rappers brag about being rich before the fame, and never having to struggle. But the 5 rappers from Cleveland, Ohio decided to relate to the struggle.#BoneThugsNHarmony: the first rappers to celebrate being poor. (If you’re buying lobster and shrimp tomorrow….we’re not mad!) #justjokes #BlackHistory #firstofthemonth

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