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Beyonce Wants You to Know Something

Beyonce went to her mother’s husband’s birthday party, and posted some pics from the event. By pics, I mean, pictures of her being pregnant in a dress. I guess if I was carrying my first baby, I would be showing off my belly too. You go girl.

See more pics here

Zeke Needs Some Real Friends

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

Source: Joe Robbins / Getty

Ezekiel Elliot was in Dallas at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, when he decided to reach out and touch the drunk woman next to him….by pulling down her shirt and exposing her bare boob. The woman immediately scrambled to cover up, and Zeke carried on like it was nothing.

Uh…..can somebody please put some real people around Ezekiel Elliot, so he can understand that exposing titties is like, this thing called ‘sexual harrassment….?’ Read what the woman thinks about the incident, here.

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