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Chance the Rapper believes the best thing for him might be moving back in with his parents. Because of the his crazy schedule due to his music career and being a father for the first time. Chance had a daughter with then-girlfriend Kirsten Corley back in September 2015. Chance The Rapper didn’t expect to become a father at the age of 22. But recently, spoke out and express his concerns regarding his hardships.

““Like, I’m honestly, in real life, thinking about moving in with my parents right now.” he continues “I think, anybody, if they were in my position—if they were 23 with a kid for the first time and were working—they would find comfort in being able to stay with their parents,I’m not shy in saying it: I didn’t expect to become a father when I was 22,” he explained.

He also admitted, to having at least 17 air mattresses in a studio for his daughter, his daughter’s mother and few other friends.

“Trying to build a home inside of a studio — it’s impossible,”- Chance The Rapper

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