People who want to grow medical marijuana in Ohio are certain about one thing: they don’t want outsiders coming in to take over.

“We fought for this law … I feel that it’s unreasonable for out-of-state individuals to get licenses,” said Kelley Mottola of Hilliard, owner of Hyro Innovations, an indoor gardening store. “They will bring in out of staters for employment as well.”

Mottola said she has family members and many customers who would benefit from medical marijuana. She hopes to get the money together to apply for a cultivation license.

Kevin Schmidt of the Marijuana Policy Project said Ohioans urged a change in the rule to require a residency requirement for growers, even if for just the first year. “Ohioans should be given a chance to get established,” he said.

Josiah Matthews, a Lima man who hopes to get into the business of growing and dispensing marijuana for medical purposes, echoed the call for an Ohio residency requirement, which is not now part of the rules.

“At least 51 percent ownership should be from Ohio,’ he said. “It forces companies from outside to partner with people with families in Ohio and who live here.”

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Are you against outsiders growing medical marijuana in Ohio?

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