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Rick Ross revealed why Chris Rock is featured on his new album Rather You Than Me, especially on the Birdman diss “Idols Become Rivals.”

Rick Ross has already told us why we called out Birdman on the third track on his new album, he even explained why in the song. But some may be wondering why he chose to include Chris Rock on the track.

In an interview with VEVO’s Jayson Rodriguez, Ross says that he did it squash their one time beef. In case you forgot, Rick Ross’ weight has been the butt of more than one Chris Rock joke over the years. First, at the 2014 BET Awards, Chris Rock said “Dr. Dre has beats, Rick Rock has diaBEATS”

Ross didn’t laugh at that one.

Then just last year after Rock’s hit-or-miss monolog while hosting the Oscars ruffled a few feathers, Ross called Rock a “cornball.”

Now it seems that all is well between the two with Rock calling Ross “the greatest rapper of all time.” Ross says that he put Rock on the album to show that former rivals can also become allies.

“Putting Chris Rock on it, somebodywho I once had a difference with, so it’s two sides to that,” explains Ross. “Everbody don’t just become your rivals, you can gain allies. I did both on the record.”

Watch Ross talk about his album, Nas and your president below.

via HipHopWired