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Cut Drake Some Slack

Gucci and Friends Homecoming Concert

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Drake cancelled a show at the last minute in Amsterdam, and everyone thinks it’s because he smoked some of Amsterdam’s finest weed, and was sick. Now while that makes sense, you gotta think about this logically. Drake went on tour with Future. You know…Percocet…Molly Percocet…? And didn’t cancel any shows. Maybe he’s just actually sick….?

See how the fans reacted to the cancellation, here.

Haters Gotta be Consistent

Wiz Khalifa's Bake Off - San Francisco, CA

Source: Tim Mosenfelder / Getty

Wiz Khalifa took some pictures by Pablo Escobar’s grave, and people lost their minds! “He’s ignorant…this is disrespectful…he was a drug dealer and killed people…” I hear you, but how you gone be mad at Wiz, and NOT mad at Kanye, who named his album¬†THE LIFE OF PABLO?!?¬†If you gone hate, be consistent.

See more pictures of Wiz at the grave, here.

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