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As if the movies didn’t already have us thinking, that robots may one day actually rule the world. Well they may just be in the works to do just that, after they take over the shopping malls, college campuses, and sports arenas that is.

The firm Knightscope plans to roll out the rent-a-cop on wheels at shopping centers, college campuses and sports arenas in 16 cities, including ones in the Empire State, by the end of the year, FOX Business reported Monday.

“We think that given the real-time information that we are gathering as well as historical information, it is very plausible that we can make an impact on crime and a positive impact on the economy,” the company’s co-founder, Stacy Dean Stephens, told the station.

The five-foot-tall R2D2-style automatons weigh 300 pounds, come equipped with multiple sensors and a 360-degree cameras along with license plate recognition technology, Stephens said.

Officials in New York are planning to introduce a fleet of crime-fighting robots to patrol shopping malls. The robots are designed by the silicon valley firm Knightscope. They stand 5 feet tall, weigh nearly 300 pounds, and have cameras that see in all directions.

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