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We Need More Rappers Like 50 Cent

2016 Summer TCAs Getty Images Portrait Studio

Source: Maarten de Boer / Getty

50 Cent’s latest venture is a sketch comedy show. It’s gonna air late nights on BET, and he’s gonna host and executive produce it.

Ya know, I commend 50 Cent, for realizing that no one has any interest in his music, so he’s moved on to other ventures. Maybe he can have a word with¬†Chingy and Lil Fizz.

via HipHopWired

Katy Perry Needs New Writers

Celebrities Visit Broadway - April 29, 2017

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So Katy Perry cut off all her hair and colored it blonde, looking like Dylan Roof’s stepbrother, and a fan said they ¬†missed her old black hair. She she decided the best way to respond was with a tasteless Obama joke.

Girl. Just because you have hair like a Skinhead, doesn’t mean you have to speak like one too! Apparently you need ghostwriters around ALL the time.

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